Our produce experts don’t wear capes, but they’re pretty much Hatch Chile heroes. Not only do they search far and wide for chiles bursting with flavor, they’re also an epicurean authority on everything from picking to prepping. Get ready to deepen your addiction to the Southwest’s most coveted pepper because this year, we brought the heat—and how-to's on how to handle it.

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recipe_chile_01 History of Hatch

Have you heard about the Hatch Chile craze during the summertime but not sure how it began! We've got you covered. Hatch Chiles are actually named after their hometown of Hatch, New Mexico and include many different varieties. Watch the video below to learn more about the history of this zesty chile pepper!

This chile pepper has cultivated quite the following due to it's unique, fiery flavor and short season every summer. Whether you enjoy roasting and eating them as is or incorporating them into your favorite foods and recipes, Hatch Chiles are extremely versatile and are sure to spice up your life. 

On the hunt for more Hatch Chile inspiration? Read on!

recipe_chile_01 Pick, Roast & Prep Hatch Chiles

Looking to join in on the Hatch Chile obsession but not sure where to begin? Don't worry! We've brought the heat and a how-to on how to handle it. Picking, roasting and prepping Hatch Chiles may be new territory for many so we have step-by-step instructions on how to flawlessly prep these zesty green chiles.


Don't wonder if you brought home the freshest, most delicious, Hatch Chiles - know you did! Click here for everything you need to know about hacking Hatch Chile season and how to prep your peppers for greatness. 

recipe_chile_01 In The Kitchen with Hatch

There’s no wrong way to use a Hatch Chile. Liven up your palate with undeniably yummy (and unique) recipes using the Southwest's favorite pepper. Pair the zesty spice of a Hatch Chile with sweet flavors such as in this Spicy Hatch Tropical Fruit Salsa or even in this Spicy Vanilla Milkshake that takes an all-American classic to the next level.


Whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a snack, we've got a Hatch Chile recipe for it all. Take your cooking and baking to the next level with these lively green chiles. That’s only a small taste of the Hatch Chile flavors that Market Street is excited to share! For more Hatch Chile recipe inspiration, click here.

recipe_chile_01 Spice Up Your Summer

Backyard barbecues are a summer essential as nothing says summertime like firing up the grill and enjoying the nice weather with friends and family. Spice up your summer barbecue classics this summer by incorporating Hatch Chiles into your grilled favorites like burgers, poppers and even corn on the cob. Check out our tips on how to incorporate these undeniably delicious green chiles into your summer barbecue here.


Entertaining this summer just got a whole lot easier. Stop by our deli to pick up Hatch Chile salsa and queso and don't forget to grab Hatch Chile poppers and Hatch fresh cut corn from the produce section before picking up your Hatch burgers.

Adults, are you looking for a spicy new drink this summer? Try this Hatch Chile Margarita recipe to spice up your next get together with friends and family. Read on for Hatch Chile products that you can't miss!


recipe_chile_01Preserve The Fiery Flavor All Year

Your supply of Hatch Chiles doesn't have to stop when Hatch Chile season comes to an end. Keep the heat all year long with our tips and step-by-step instructions on preserving these zesty green chiles to enjoy throughout the year.


Preserving your Hatch Chiles for year-round flavor consists of two easy steps! You'll have the zesty Hatch flavor you love available in your freezer all year, ready to throw into your favorite Hatch recipe. Don't wait for the next Hatch Chile season to enjoy the flavor, preserve your Hatch Chiles today to keep the heat all year.


recipe_chile_01 Our Hottest Hatch Chile Finds

We've got your Hatch Obsession covered with the hottest Hatch Chile products you just can't miss. From popcorn to salsa and even fresh baked goods, Hatch Chiles have taken over our stores and for good. Check out some of our scrumptious Hatch finds like the Hatch Chile Cornbread from our bakery or other products like this Stubb's Hatch Chile Cookin' Sauce and Fresh Hatch Chile Salmon Burger


See more products and start saving on our favorite Hatch finds here. We've got all of the Hatch Chile products you could ever wish for. But be warned, once you try some of these spicy finds, you might not be able to stop!

recipe_chile_01 More Hatch (P)inspiration

Click here to view all of our delectable Hatch Chile recipes and get more Hatch inspiration on our Pinterest board!

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What are you waiting for? Join the party by shopping fresh or roasted Hatch green chiles online or plan a trip to your  local Market Street.